Roundtrip Heaven

If you do not go forward, you go backward
Today innovation is the secret ingredieent for you to move forward.
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When talking is not enough
The next level of innovation requires practical tools.
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Rocket Fuel

Once you’ve decided not to fall behind
Seminars, workshops, lectures and coaching in innovation

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We are proud that we have been entrusted to lecture / train people from these fine companies:



Aha O yeah changed my opinions and gave me a different way of thinking. Kimmo understands the way Aha O Yeah method is designed, is good at explaining At the workshop you meet many new people and make contacts , whilst resolving problems. I recommend the workshop , it changed my way of thinking and looking at things.
Danijel Bajkusa, IT technician
My thoughts became clearer and clearer Kimmo was dedicated , engaged, clear , positive, and wanted to help. I recommend Aha O yeah , it’s a new and exciting way to solve problems.

David Mattson, CEO of Your Spira
The workshop gave me new way to look at a cumbersome topic, showed ” viable ways to go ” Kimmo as workshop leaders was good, effective, empathetic , committed, non-dogmatic . Aha O yeah yielded good results in short time. I recommend the workshop because it gives good results.

Thomas Bothe, Author
Aha O yeah structures thinking and allows me to share my colleagues’ thinking in a more structured way, and it increases the efficiency of meetings Kimmo has energy and he is positive, fun, structured and warm. The workshop is good, it is important that when you practice that you do not choose some subject that is too vague or out in the blue ( philosophicall ) topic I would absolutely recomend Aha O yeah , good and useful!
Aha O yeah gave me tools and ideas to take hold of a ‘problem’ and think more openly and positively. Kimmo as workshop leader is creative, positive, happy, helpfull, spiritual and inspiring. I would absolutely recommend Aha O yeah , to open your mind and solve problems and see problems from a different perspective .
Anita Jisonsund, CEO True Concept
The workshop gave me a new way to meet challenges and solve problems. Kimmo is educational, fun to listen to, clear, knowledgeable, cheerful. I absolutely recommend Aha O yeah workshop it can be applied in all areas, both personal and working life.

Jessica Larning, Branch manager SATS
Kimmo is calm, natural, warm , factual and informative. This means that the content is clear , as he invites you to be an active participation. Especially good is his passion to meet the participant’s needs. Participants were pleased with the seminar and even got a little taste for more. To cooperate with Kimmo is great, he reconnects, leaving no loose ends. He delivers! We were at the World Trade Center Gothenburg where Kimmo was featured as a speaker and will engage him several more times!
Mia Meriläinen,
To cooperate with Kimmo ‘s is simple, straightforward , and it goes fast .I would absolutely recommend Kimmo , he is good at listening to what you want, but also provides intelligent advice. I am more than satisfied with Kimmo’s work. Kimmo’s skills as an artist combined with an advanced technical know-how, is reflected in the work he has done for me.
Mia Frankedal, Artist

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