Larger Than Life

Lecture by artist Kimmo Hakonen

Introduction :[/title]

Art and life are closely related, what can art bring to life? How does an artist look at life ? How can you get you a richer life through art?


Long lasting impressions.
New ways of looking at art and life.
A precious moment on earth , with many new insights.


Larger than life is a lecture about life and art that shows how to look at art through an artist’s eyes. Various types of art will exemplify new ideas that you can use when you look at art. Ideas that gives you a new view of reality is promised. A fun picture , perhaps a more horrible picture but most importantly a more emotional picture. Stories about the artist’s own work are interspersed with other artists’ art, to tell stories about how our world looks like from the artist’s perspective.


Lecture, thoughts and moments for reflection.


Those that wants to get a new perspective on life through art


No experience required, just an open mind to new impressions.


Standard time about 1 hour, can be adjusted to 45-90 minutes


The lecture gave me associations in new ways, Kimmo was inspiring, educational, innovative and relaxed I would recommend the Larger Than Life lecture because it’s so different.
Lennart Claesson
Kimmo as a lecturer is energetic and inspired. I would recommend the lecture because I think everybody can open their minds if they get to use associations and do something new and different.
Anna Carin Wårdh, HR Awardh
I got a new interest in art. Kimmo was little forced because of the short time but aroused curiosity. I would recommend the lecture it inspired me with art, fantasy and imagination.
Resurgent thoughts about art, new aspects of color. Kimmo provides a very caring and honest impression. Vivid. I would recommend the lecture, it provides a useful and stimulating break in everyday employment.
Mats Wikström, Pradit AB
Kimmo is fun and that catches, he opens up minds. Recomended.
The lecture gave me calm time to think about and evaluate what I want to do and what means a lot to me. Kimmo is good he conveys, creates new thoughts and arouses curiosity with his presentation. It opens up and gives time to think and evaluate life.”
Hugo Strömsnes


Booking information

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