A decision can be the difference between failure and success; avoid making wrong decisions

For your employees to be able to perform optimally, they need to have the right mental tools – tools that systematically, effectively and efficiently ensure that they reach peak performance and minimize wrong decisions individually as well as in a team.

What is the one tool I’m talking about? I will give you a quick overview…

It involves innovation and structure simultaneously…

Instead of you thinking of a lot of thoughts at the same time, this method gives you a way to think with different facets of your thinking one at a time.

Focusing your thinking in this way allows you to go deeper and wider on every aspect of a problem. This gives you a better picture of the problem area and gives you new insights that will allow you to make wiser decisions and minimize wrong decisions.


You will learn an effective method to produce robust decision support for various issues.

Course description:

The course includes an interactive workshop with lectures and individual and group exercises.


The method, which you can use to make good decisions, lower your meeting costs, and increase efficiency, is simple and practical, and has the following properties: it…

  • Brings up the hidden, undiscovered relationships and insights to a problem or project;
  • Takes into consideration different individuals thinking styles;
  • Lets hidden characteristics of your personality to blossom;
  • Helps you visualize other sides of your employees that can be used in other contexts;
  • Is a democratic process, and everyone in the group has the same opportunity to express their opinion;
  • Creates a positive meeting climate;
  • Upgrades your routine thinking to new heights;
  • Creates permissive culture of creativity;
  • Eliminates prestige as a factor in decisions;
  • Provides high-quality decision-making in a short time;
  • Develops other parts of your thinking process;
  • Minimizes conflicts because the group will plot a map and not argue;
  • Creates unity because the whole group participates to explore the issue;
  • Provides a formula to expand your thinking;
  • Gives you a way to think outside the box;
  • Allows all of your brain to contribute to the process of creating a knowledge map, not only your logical side;
  • Utilizes energy, intelligence, and experience to the max;
  • Gives you a systematic approach to solve problems and make decisions;
  • Shows you the risks and hazards in the project
  • Provides a framework for optimizing your meetings, making them successful so that you get maximum good results.

Target Audience:

Managers and their employees who need a better decision-making process and need to avoid bad decision.


None is needed

Course material:

Materials include a workbook, in which the method is explained, and a diploma.


As a lecture, 1–2 hours, adaptable. As a workshop, 3–6 hours, adaptable.

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Testimonials Aha O Yeah

Aha O Yeah changed my views and gave me a different way of thinking. Kimmo understand the way the O Yeah Aha method is designed, is good at explaining. At the workshop you meet many new people and make contacts, whilst solving problems. I recommend the workshop; it changed my way of thinking and looking at things.
Danijel Bajkusa, IT tekniker
My thoughts became clearer and clearer. Kimmo was committed, visible, clear, positive, and wanted to help. I recommend Aha O yeah; it is a new and exciting ways to solve problems.
David Mattsson, VD Din Spira
The workshop gave me a changed attitude to an important topic, showed ways to solve it. Kimmo as workshop leaders is good, effective, empathetic, committed, non-dogmatic. Aha O yeah yielded good results in short time. I recommend the workshop because it gives good results.
Thomas Bothe, Författare
Aha O Yeah structures thinking and allows me to share it with my colleagues, thinking in a more structured way, and it increases the efficiency of meetings. Kimmo has energy and is positive, fun, structured, and warm. The workshop is good; it is important that when you practice, you do not choose a too philosophical topic. I would absolutely recommend Aha O yeah, good and useful!
Anders Svensson, VD Svensk Franchise
Aha O Yeah gave me the tools and ideas to grab a “problem” and think more openly and positively. Kimmo as workshop leader is creative, positive, happy, with a peppy spirit, and inspiring. I would absolutely recommend Aha O yeah to open the mind and solve problems and see problems from a different perspective.
Anita Jisonsund, VD True Concept
The workshop gave me a new way to meet challenges/problems. Kimmo is educational, fun to listen to, clear, knowledgeable, cheerful. I absolutely recommend Aha O yeah. The workshop can be applied in all areas, both private and in working life.
Kimmo is calm, natural, warm, factual, and informative. This means that the content is clear, as he invites you to be an active participation. Especially good is his passion to meet the participant’s needs. Participants were pleased with the seminar and got maybe even a little taste for more. Collaborating with Kimmo is fine; he reconnects, leaving no loose ends. He delivers! We at the World Trade Center Gothenburg will engage him more times!
Mia Meriläinen, www.wtcgoteborg.se
The aha O Yeah workshop gave me a new way of thinking in problem solving. Kimmo is spot on as workshop leader; moreover, he is friendly, funny, easy to deal with, and professional. I recommend the workshop; it was rewarding.
George Makdess, VD
I would absolutely recommend Kimmo and the Aha O yeah Workshop because everyone needs this, regardless of the situation
Dejan Tomic, Designer
The O Yeah Aha Workshop was splendid. It was a pleasure to have you as a part of our workshop.
Chris Hillman, Designer
Given to me by Aha O yeah the workshop was the knowledge to think about a problem from several different angles. It had a good program and not too many in the group. Kimmo as workshop leader was exhilarating and made you want to hear more. The workshop is a tool to solve problems and get new ideas. Recommended.
Niclas Pihlgren, Optinet Data
The Aha O Yeah workshop gave me a broader structured thinking as a basis for my decisions. It’s a good concept, just in that half day. Kimmo as workshop leader is friendly and tolerant in a pleasant manner. I recommend the workshop; I know you will get the same benefits as me.
Roger Gustafsson, VD Ultimat Rekrytering
Aha O Yeah has an efficient structure that gave many interesting thoughts and ideas in a short time. The workshop was professionally designed with valuable content and was mindboggling. Kimmo’s leadership was inspirational, easy to understand, somewhat unstructured, positive, warm. I would absolutely recommend Aha O yeah as a fresh new approach to tackle a problem.
The workshop did well; I saw lots of things to do to solve the problem. Kimmo was great, got us to maintain the momentum and had a twinkle in his eye. Aha O yeah is really, really good. You can quickly find solutions to any problems. Solutions will be dominant, not the problem.
Aha O Yeah is an instrument that makes thoughts concrete and easier to comprehend. The workshop had good, clear concepts and good pedagogy. Kimmo was inspiring! VSOP There are many who need it without knowing it.
I got inspiration and deeper and new understanding of the subject I studied. Workshop leader Kimmo was inspiring, clear, responsive, exhilarating, and concrete. I would absolutely recommend this to all sorts of decision-makers.
The workshop gave me a structured approach and an aha experience. The leader Kimmo was calm, safe, and secure.
Tibor Hatala, Bra Miljö
The workshop gave me a way to sort my thoughts, and see a problem from different directions, understanding that other people express themselves very differently. This topic is very interesting; I wonder why I have not heard about this before. Kimmo was clear, funny and skilled. This workshop provides an understanding of conflict management among other thing. One recommendation, take this workshop.
Helen Hjalmarsson

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